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Adscientis 反气相色谱用于聚合物上炭黑填料颗粒表面性质的表征

发布时间: 2019-08-22 13:45 来源: Gravite Science

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•探针检测到的特异性相互作用能够通过酸 - 碱相互作用表达

This paper is an attempt to illustrate the interest of using IGC at infinite dilution for the characterization of the surface interactions involved by polymer adsorption on filler particles. The method is based on the assessment of the surface properties displayed by the areas of carbon black particles left uncovered by the polymer deposits (these later being previously deposited from a polymer solution).
Three types of surface properties are considered:
• the dispersive component of surface energy (as determined by using n-alkanes probes);
• the nanoroughness as determined by the difference in adsorption behaviour between linear and branched alcanes;
• the specific interactions as detected by probes able to interact by acido-basic interactions, as for example benzene.
From the progressive disparition of the highest energetic sites associated with the increase in the amounts of adsorbed polymers, it is possible to identify those involved by the polymer adsorbtion. By changing the nature of the polymer (poybutadiene and polyethylene glycol), it is also possible to show how the nature of the chemical groups on the polymer influence the adsorption site on the carbon particles.


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