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10th International IGC Symposium on 15 June 2021 IGC论坛

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The Art of Molecular Surface Sensing by Inverse Gas Chromatography

The 10th IGC symposium focuses on effective and valuable surface characterization of powders, fibers and plates based on the dynamic adsorption of up to 20 different gas probes, also known as Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC). 

Key objective of the symposium is the exchange of practical experiences and ideas of users. This covers many applications, but also underlying theoretical aspects and the ongoing round-robin results of more than 12 organizations.

The Art of Molecular Surface Sensing by Invers Gas Chromatography was chosen as this year’s caption to highlight the more subtle aspects of IGC, especially the use of different concentrations ranging from ideal single probe molecule adsorption to full surface coverage and adsorption isotherms.

The presentations will cover

  • Many practical applications of surface characterizations by IGC

  • Some theoretical aspects of IGC

  • Experiences of the round-robin tests

  • Q&A sessions

    反气相色谱法的分子表面传感技术被选为今年的标题,以突出IGC的更微妙的方面,尤其是使用从理想的单个探针分子吸附到不同浓度下,完整的表面覆盖和吸附等温线等。 演讲内容将涵盖     IGC进行表面表征的许多实际应用     IGC的一些理论方面     循环测试的经验     问答环节

Call for presentations: please send us a short description of your potential presentation until 25. April 2021. The call is open for speakers from industry and academia. Favored will be presentations with a focus on practical relevance. A list of already invited speakers will be provided shortly.

Who should attend

The program is compact and ideally suited for industry representatives from R&D, product development and analytical departments as well as researchers from academia interested in real use of IGC.

A brief introduction into IGC as an analytical technique will be given before.


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