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Key Topics for The 9th International IGC Symposium online 在线IGC论坛主题演讲

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Key Topics for the IGC Symposium 2020

This symposium focusses on effective and valuable surface characterization of powders, fibers and plates based on the dynamic adsorption of up to 20 different gas probes, also known as Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC).  

Review: the commercial use of IGC is around 20 years old with Adscientis celebrating its 20th anniversary in year 2020! What experiences have been made and which advances were made? BASF, Adscientis and the group of Prof. Adam Voelkel tell their stories!

Validation: Reliability is a key topic in analysis, but how do different labs and instruments perform? For the first time, different groups by industry (Kronos, BASF, Porcher, Solvay, Adscientis) and academia (Strassbourg, Poznan, Fraunhofer et al.) participated in an IGC round-robin test. Results will be presented and discussed – to improve and validate IGC procedures. 

Future: During the last years new ways to use IGC and new applications have been explored. Some examples will be presented and new concepts being discussed. 

Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Ralf   Duempelmann, Inolytix, Sisseln, SwitzerlandWelcome and Introduction


Eric   Brendle / Adscientis, Wittelsheim, France20 Years of IGC Experiences & Learnings 

Dr. Matthias Kellermeier, BASF, GermanyQuantifying (mal)odor uptake by sorbent materials using inverse gas chromatography
Prof. Adam Voelkel, University of Technology, Poznan, PolandHow we apply Inverse Gas Chromatography in our research


IGC Round-Robin Test by 12 different organizationsSetup, Results, Interpretations and „Best practices“


Steven Abbott, Ipswich, UKFrom IGC Data to Formulation Insight

Joelle Huynh-Essautier, L’Oreal, Paris, FranceMineral pigments surface properties: assessment of iGC-ID technique for leveraging quantitative knowledge and prediction of dispersion properties
Sana Labidi, University of Strasbourg, FranceIGC-ID for PrOx catalysts based on bio silica
Dr. Ralf   Duempelmann, Inolytix, Sisseln, SwitzerlandThe beauty of new IGC applications


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