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第九届国际IGC论坛延期/在线举办The postponement of the “physical” 9th International IGC Symposium 2020

发布时间: 2020-03-31 10:58 来源:Gravite Science

下载地址:第九届国际IGC论坛延期/在线举办The postponement of the “physical” 9th International IGC Symposium 2020


       为了防止新型冠状病毒COVID-19 进一步扩散,并准守法国政府的规定。考虑到这种情况,Adscientis及其合作伙伴正式宣布推迟“实体上”第9届2020年IGC国际研讨会(会议原定时间 地点是6月16日至17日,法国米卢斯)。

       我们将在2021年1月或2月左右设定一个新日期,因此请在您的议程中记下修改内容! 稍后将向您提供更多信息和确切日期。

       Adscientis将于2020年6月16日从13:30到17:00(巴黎当地时间)举办一次在线视频会议。 您可以在  上找到在线视频会议的注册链接(无注册费)。

      请不要犹豫,尽快注册-这有助于我们以新的方式展开会议。详细程序将很快提供。 但是,根据我们的宗旨“回顾,验证和未来”,
即使该方式是在线的又是新的,我们仍在计划进行一些互动式交流,并为之做好尽可能的准备。借此机会了解IGC表面表征技术并与同行交流! 所以,请继续关注!我们所有人都可以采取行动确保所有人,我们的家人,朋友和社区的安全。


Dear speakers and participants of the IGC Symposium, 

dear interested scientists and product developers,

Due to the circumstances and in compliance with the measures taken by the French government to prevent further spreading  of the coronavirus COVID-19, Adscientis and its partners are officially announcing the postponement of the “physical” 9th International  IGC Symposium 2020 (which should have taken place on the 16th-17th June, in Mulhouse, France).

We will set a new date around January or February 2021, so please note down the modification in your agenda! More information  and the exact date will be provided to you later on.

Adscientis will instead host an online videoconference on the 16th of  June 2020 from 13:30 to 17:00 (local time in Paris). A link for the registration (no registration fee) for the online videoconference can be found on the

Please  don’t hesitate to register as soon as possible - it helps us to envision the conference in its new format. 

The detailed program will be available shortly. However, according to our motto „Review, Validation and Future", there  will be three parts:

  • Review - an overlook about past advances in IGC testing

  • Validation - a strong focus on the round robin test across 16 different labs

  • Future - some new, inspiring applications of IGC

Even though, the format will be online and new, we are planning some interactive exchange and prepare for it as good as  possible. Take the chance to learn about IGC surface characterization technique and exchange with peers! So, stay tuned! 

We can all take actions to make everyone safe - our families, friends  and communities.

The Adscientis team wishes you good luck during these difficult times.


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